A grumpy man and a chirpy girl talk pop culture. This time we look at The Sound of Music, Doctor Who Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror and Ebirah Horror of the Deep

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Dave and Elizabeth look back at Goldfinger, the film that transformed James Bond into a cultural icon as well as a review of the recent Doctor Who episode Orphan 55 and a natter about Godzilla in Invasion of Astro Monster

Goldfinger 0:00
Orphan 55 30:29
Invasion of Astro Monster 55:11

Dave and Elizabeth look at Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds before casting a critical eye over Doctor Who Spyfall part two

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Dave and Elizabeth are joined by Dave Cooper from the Cultdom Collective who offers a fasinating and entertaing insight into what it was like to watch Doctor Who in it's early years. Then Dave and Elizabeth discuss Spyfall Part One, the first episode of the new seaon (1.15:22) then talk about the Q&A from the Paley Centre that was broadcast live into American movies houses.

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