Just a little extra treat from the pen of Doctor Thomas (with a little help from Clement Clarke Moore). Join us as the PDAIS crew offer their own take on The Night Before Christmas

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Mystery in Space 04

What is Doctor Thomas on?

Direct download: Mysteri_in_Space_04.mp3
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Prof D, Lillibet the Wonder Girl, new recruit Viki the Vixen and International Sensation Danielle look at a festive film for all the family - Die Hard - and then head south to wallow in the glory of Sharktopus. There is feedback from our rather wonderful listeners and a couple of songs to get you in the Christmas spirit

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Mystery in Space 03

The latest episode gives you something to Chew on

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The PDAIS crew look at the world of Harry Potter in print and on screen.

Direct download: PDAIS_020.mp3
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Mystery in Space Episode Two

The mystery deepens....

Yeah, that tells you a lot

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The usual suspects are joined by Viki the vixen as they look in the dress up box

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Mystery in Space Episode one - The Ark in Space

The demented genius of Doctor Thomas is unleashed in the first part of Mystery in Space

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We are joined by Wes and Wendell from the Omega Podcast and Imran from Bad Wilf as we look at zombies


Oh, and we get a bit naughty

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Join The Torrid Trio as they look at The Princess Bride and Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog with guest Arkette la belle Michelle and indulge in a little slam poetry.

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Join us as we look at Sapphire and Steel and The Fifth Element with our special guests Adam from Staggering Stories and Bob/Kate/Adric/Face of Bob/Comfy Chair/Monkey Bob from The Flashing Blade

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PDAIS 015 and a bit

The second part of our Lord of the Rings special features murky stories from Danielle's past and she uses the word tawdry - ok, not in the same section but it got your attention.

Oh, and who knew that Lillibet had Hip Hop skills?

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Part one of our look at the Lord of the Rings......... is good

Direct download: PDAIS_015.mp3
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The PDAIS crew get old skool as we look at The Belles of St Trinians and Spellbound and the UK and US educational experience. With added feedback and waffle

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Professor Dave and Lillibet are joined by the new crew member Danielle for a conversation that is nuttier than squirrel doo doos. Aside from looking at Hairspray and The Producers (movies and musicals), we also look at Toy Story 3 and Aerosmith's recent concert at the stadium with the worse name ever!

Special guest appearance by Stella

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Here comes Summer or, if you are English, there went Summer

Professor Dave and Lillibet the Wonder Girl look at Doctor Who, South Pacific and Jaws then are joined by Danielle as we rummage in the mail sacks

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The horror, the horror!!


We were going to talk about Jersey Girl and Jersey Shore but Danielle happened. Ok, we kind of talk about those subjects in a roundabout way but she is a distraction. Doctor Who and the World Cup are discussed in a more sensible(ish) style and there is feedback



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Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Ten (and a bit)

The usual sillines that we missed last time. Doctor Who, World Cup, Feedback and Bagpuss

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Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Ten

A happy Fourth of July to all our American listeners!

We celebrate by looking at two great American icons - Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash

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Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Nine

Rejoice in the glory of the glory of the countryside as we look at Anne of Green Gables and Withnail & I.

Share in a nation's misery as we look at the World Cup

Be uplifted by the Clangers

And enjoy the the voice that, apparently, is like sex

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Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Eight

A bit late but chock full of fun

Doctor Who, Citizen Kane, Football, Oliver Postgate, Eurovision Redux, Oliver Postgate and feedback are the signposts on our meandering ramble

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Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Seven

Episode 007 so we have to celebrate in typical fashion by looking at Eurovision, Ivor the Engine and Doctor Who with our trademark detours and special guests Doctor Thomas and Captain Wyn

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Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Six

Episode Six of Professor Dave and Lillibet the Wonder Girl's ramblings featuring Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and My Fair Lady - ok, we do go off at tangents. Wes reviews Date Night and Chin looks at the career of Xtc. Oh, and the torment of Wyn continues.

There are a few sound issues but we hope they don't affect your enjoyment

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Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Five

Doctor Who seems to be quite popular so we will look at that and a brief chat about RTD's earlier work Bob and Rose. Food and drink would be nice. Oh, and some Wyn baiting too

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Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Four

Call out the instigators because there's something in the air. Doctor Who, Glee and Mary Poppins and her ilk come under the skewed vision of Professor Dave and Lillibet the Wonder Girl

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Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Three

Gershwin, Zombies and Disney movies - Professor Davde and Lillibet the Wonder Girl cast an eye over what needs to be saved

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Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Two

Professor Dave and Lillibet the Wonder Girl return with discussions, banter and, apaarently chemistry. This time around we look at the Oscars, Bill Hicks and PG Woodhouse Duration 1:12:34

Direct download: PDAIS_Show_Two.mp3
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When we were planning the podcast I gave a figure that I hoped to reach with the first episode. I was told, not unkindly, not to expect too much for a first episode.

We are a few downloads short of hitting double that figure within a week

This is, frankly, amazing and I hope that it is just the beginning. If you enjoyed the show then please tell friends, share our link and leave an iTunes rating.If you didn't enjoy it then we'll keep it our little secret.

A big thanks from Professor Dave and Lillibet. We are prepping Show Two (with added sound quality) for release next weekend and encourage you to send in suggesions. It may be Professor Dave's Ark in Space but it is everyone's show

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Professor Dave's Ark In Space - Episode One

Welcome to the end of the world! Professor Dave and Lillibet The Wonder Girl help you to decide just what should be saved - and what should be left behind to the eternal fires of damnation!


Or Fox News, as it's otherwise known.


It's a pilot, so expect rough sound - which will be sorted in the near future.


Feedback to profdais@hotmail.com

Direct download: PDAIS_One.mp3
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