Only one day late - I'm getting better

We celebrate Christmas by looking at White Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas and the misery of English Yuletide traditions

Remember, a podcast is not just for Christmas - you can enjoy it anytime!

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Dave, Elizabeth and Thomas look at the chocolate drenched delights of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the candy coated joy of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. All these sweets are not good for you and they suffer the nightmare of the Tim Burton film too

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We take an extensive look at V for Verndetta in both comic book and film versions as well as Guy Fawkes, one of the inspirations for the character. We are also lucky enough to have an interview with comic book artist and V for Vendetta creator David Lloyd in which he discusses his career, the story behind the creation of V for Vendetta and his opinions on current events

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We look at the life of the greatest living Englishman Mr Stephen Fry and his titular role in the film Wilde

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Join us on a magical trip to Xanadu where you Can't Stop The Music

Yes, it's a double bill of, uh, unique musicals

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The PDAIS crew look at Woody Allen's Manhattan and the TV series Friends

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We remember the events of 9/11 by celebrating New York as a great city and the indomitable spirit of it's people. In this episode we look at the 1949 production On The Town


Please visit

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We look at John Carpenter's classic Escape from New York, the musical 1776 and The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Are friends eclectic?

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We're back!!!

Sorry for the delay but we had to have a break, a break for lurve!

The episode should have been out a few weeks ago hence some out of date references but we look at Up and Gran Torino - two movies featuring grumpy old men and two movies which it is ok for guys to cry at


Oh, and there is a competition to win a dvd signed by Tom Baker

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PDAIS 032 V2

The PDAIS Crew look at The Wizard of Oz and the mystery album!

Ok, it is Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Prof Dave and Lillibet talk with Nick about the rather wonderful Bunbury Cricket team that raises money for charity.

Now with added bleeps!

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For all you iTunes listeners - oops!

This is our Douglas Adams episode looking at City of Death and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie

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The whole crew look at Eurovision 2011 and ABBA then Lillibet and guest Rhys Parton talk about Diana Wynne Jones

Oh, and it seems that Barry White has been reincarnated as a fruitbat



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PDAIS - Goodbye Sarah Jane

In a change to our usual schedule, we pay our respects to the late and sadly missed Elisabeth Sladen

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The crew look at the 1956 John Ford classic The Searchers and the 1960's group The Seekers (g'day Jeffers). An old man gets excited by popular culture

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Prof Dave, International Sensation Danielle and Viki the Vixen Kick Ass

Doctor Thomas and Lillibet the Wonder Girl look at the world of Asterix the Gaul


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Lillibet interviews internet author Jeff Lane while Prof Dave, International Superstar Danielle and Viki the Vixen are menaced by Snakes on a Plane

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Join the PDAIS crew as they look at superheroes in comics and on screen with emphasis on Batman and The Dark Knight. Doctor Thomas introduces Lillibet to Superman - Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow

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PDAIS Valentines Special

A feast of Valentine treats. Prof Dave, Lillibet the Wonder Girl and Danielle (virtually) look at Breakfast at Tiffanys, Doctor Thomas and Viki the Vixen look at the story behind Valentines Day and we finish with a little Romance in Space

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Join a full crew as we look at the life and career of Mr Matt Munro then head off to the Wild West to look at both film versions of True Grit

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Mystery in Space 08

In the final episode the Mystery in Space is finally explained.

It is, Honest.

Doctor Thomas had it planned all along and you just missed the clues

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Mystery in Space 07

The penultimate episode from the demented imagination of Doctor Thomas in which Professor Dave has to cope with three birds and gets a little pussy (nyuk nyuk nyuk)

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Prof D and Lillibet are joined by Sean from the Tardis Tavern and Rob Hughes as they look at Mommie Dearest and then Prof D and Viki the V interview Sharktopus star Liv Boughn.


Doctor Thomas takes care of domestic duties

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As the story rushes towards it's conclusion, a violent conflict brings death to the Ark - join us for the latest episode of our lighthearted romp from the pen of Doctor Thomas

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Professor Dave and Lillibet the Wonder Girl are trapped by the cast of the Sound of Music - Danielle is also trapped but seems unaware of the concept of danger or any sense of reality - when two mysterious characters (played by Wes and Wendell from The Omega Podcast) enter the scene

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The long awaited and epic episode. Is it Apocalypse Now or Heavens Gate? Neither, it's our version of Desert Island Discs

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