PDAIS 2~4 The Carpenters

We look at the career of The Carpenters, the brother and sister act who provided pop with some of it's sweetest and best produced tracks but at a personal cost

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PDAIS 2~3 Bobby Moore and Escape to Victory

The Lion lies down with the Ham as a Millwall fan and a West Ham fan talk about Bobby Moore and Escape to Victory

Elizabeth is standing by with teacher voice in case of trouble

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PDAIS 2~2 Smokey and the Bandit

Dave and Elizabeth manage a serious look at The Conjuring and Pacific Rim

Then suddenly DANIELLE!

Our look at Smokey and the Bandit turns into an examination of the last year's blockbusters tearing through more movies than Burt Reynolds in his Black Trans AM. 

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We're back!

Dave, Elizabeth and Thomas return to look at the 1935 Universal horror classic The Bride of Frankenstein starring Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, Elsa Lanchester and the cool machismo of Ernest Thesiger and directed by James Whale. Yeah, that'll get the Beleibers listening

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We look at the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast

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Deano's Den 01

Deano welcomes you to his den with a look at Level 42

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Mutant Space Squirrels 01

Dave and Danielle are joined by Elizabeth (people, we are through the looking glass) as they look at the Kung Fu Vampire Heaving Bosom epic The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

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A Tale of Two Countries 01

Dave rambles about The Battle of Britain and lost cinemas in Croydon in his audio blog looking at England

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We are joined (albeit briefly) by Carolyn as we look at The Big Bang Theory partly because we love the show but mainly in a blatant attempt to sucker in new listeners

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