Dave and Elizabeth (with guest appearances by Rosie) look at the Val Lewton productions Cat People and Curse of the Cat People before wondering how bad the remake could be

Oh dear

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Dave and Elizabeth have a listen to some of Paul Williams' classic tracks before exploring the darker side of music in The Phantom of the Paradise

Visit ourwebsite - someone has to

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0.00 Night of the Living Dead
Dave and Elizabeth look at the 1990 remake of the Romero classic starring Pat Tallman

28.30 The Long Kiss Goodnight
Dave and Elizabeth are joined by returning guest host and international superstar Danielle!!! to discuss the Geena Davis/Samel L Jackson movie and Tim's hotness

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Elizabeth enlists Thomas to drag Dave to musical Hell. Dave tries to fight back (and gators), he reaches out to up and coming band Woolbright, he tells A Joke and distracts Thomas with talk of Marvel Comics future and Elizabeth with Pina Colados but there is no escaping fate. At the twenty three minute mark he is forced to watch *gulp* Mamma Mia


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Fatma....... What do you mean Kevin Smith has already claimed that joke?
Dave and Elizabeth look at the pooptastic Batman & Robin and ask if season Three of Gotham managed to be even worse
Holy fanboy disappointment

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Dave and Elizabeth have a vague natter about The Blues Brothers
Some weeks I can think of hopefully funny comments
Some weeks I can't
Guess what week this is

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Dave and Elizabeth survey the wreckage of a civilisation apparently destroyed because someone thought that it would be a good idea to let a woman play a fictional character for a few years

They head off to the Tampa Roller Derby Double Header before tackling the real casting issue - the AT&T girl as Squirrel Girl!!!!

Category:general -- posted at: 11:47pm UTC

That Dave just spouts nonsense about Season Ten of Doctor Who, I don't know how that Elizabeth puts up with him, she says some sensible things, anyways have you heard about Ethel?

Direct download: PDAIS_3.24_DOCTOR_WHO_SEASON_10.mp3
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Dave and Elizabeth go to another time, another place to wander through Streets of Fire. Join us as we talk around Walter Hill's 1984 classic

Direct download: PDAIS_3.23_STREETS_OF_FIRE.mp3
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Elizabeth and Dave strap on their skates and head to the rink but Dave hurts his ankle so they have to read Victoria Jamieson's Roller Girl and watch Drew Barrymore's Whip It instead

Direct download: PDAIS_3.22_ROLLER_GIRL__WHIP_IT.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:07pm UTC

Elizabeth and Dave return from their extended sabbatical to discuss Wonder Woman

Direct download: PDAIS_3.21_-_WONDER_WOMAN.mp3
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