Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Three

Gershwin, Zombies and Disney movies - Professor Davde and Lillibet the Wonder Girl cast an eye over what needs to be saved

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Professor Dave's Ark in Space Episode Two

Professor Dave and Lillibet the Wonder Girl return with discussions, banter and, apaarently chemistry. This time around we look at the Oscars, Bill Hicks and PG Woodhouse Duration 1:12:34

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When we were planning the podcast I gave a figure that I hoped to reach with the first episode. I was told, not unkindly, not to expect too much for a first episode.

We are a few downloads short of hitting double that figure within a week

This is, frankly, amazing and I hope that it is just the beginning. If you enjoyed the show then please tell friends, share our link and leave an iTunes rating.If you didn't enjoy it then we'll keep it our little secret.

A big thanks from Professor Dave and Lillibet. We are prepping Show Two (with added sound quality) for release next weekend and encourage you to send in suggesions. It may be Professor Dave's Ark in Space but it is everyone's show

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Professor Dave's Ark In Space - Episode One

Welcome to the end of the world! Professor Dave and Lillibet The Wonder Girl help you to decide just what should be saved - and what should be left behind to the eternal fires of damnation!


Or Fox News, as it's otherwise known.


It's a pilot, so expect rough sound - which will be sorted in the near future.


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