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In this episode we look at Frozen and Frozen 2 and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Dave sneaks in a look at the Japanese cut of King Kong vs Godzilla and the Doctor Who season 12 trailer after the end music

Frozen 00.00
Frozen 2 (spoilers) 37.35
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Spoilers) 53.30
King Kong vs Godzilla 1:16.30


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In a change to the schedule Dave and Elizabeth celebrate the launch of Disney+ by looking at The Emeperor's New Grove before listening to the Sounds of Thunder and sneaking a mini review of Godzilla Raids Again after the end music

Dave and Elizabeth look at two films which combine horror and comedy and come from either end of Universal's reign as king of horror - The Old Dark House and Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. After the end music, Dave takes a brief look at the Criterion Showa era Godzilla blu ray set


Our next episode will look at The Sweeney movies

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