Just a little extra treat from the pen of Doctor Thomas (with a little help from Clement Clarke Moore). Join us as the PDAIS crew offer their own take on The Night Before Christmas

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Mystery in Space 04

What is Doctor Thomas on?

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Prof D, Lillibet the Wonder Girl, new recruit Viki the Vixen and International Sensation Danielle look at a festive film for all the family - Die Hard - and then head south to wallow in the glory of Sharktopus. There is feedback from our rather wonderful listeners and a couple of songs to get you in the Christmas spirit

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Mystery in Space 03

The latest episode gives you something to Chew on

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The PDAIS crew look at the world of Harry Potter in print and on screen.

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Mystery in Space Episode Two

The mystery deepens....

Yeah, that tells you a lot

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The usual suspects are joined by Viki the vixen as they look in the dress up box

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Mystery in Space Episode one - The Ark in Space

The demented genius of Doctor Thomas is unleashed in the first part of Mystery in Space

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We are joined by Wes and Wendell from the Omega Podcast and Imran from Bad Wilf as we look at zombies


Oh, and we get a bit naughty

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Join The Torrid Trio as they look at The Princess Bride and Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog with guest Arkette la belle Michelle and indulge in a little slam poetry.

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